is a private, mobile community for moms and moms-to-be to share experiences, ask for advice and post photos. We’ve developed guidelines to make sure our community is a welcoming and enjoyable place for all our members.

Respect in the community is a diverse community with diverse opinions. It is up to each of us to be polite and treat each other with respect. Remember that everyone here is going through the most extraordinary times in their life, times that come with joy and wonder, but also a pain - and can sometimes be a roller coaster of emotions. We strive to make this an inclusive and supportive community for everyone, but a part of that means that there are rules that we take quite seriously. Breaches of these rules and guidelines may result in temporary suspension or permanent banning from encourages discussion and candid debate, but direct threats or abuse are not tolerated. Differences of opinions are of course acceptable, but bullying, insults, personal attacks, and threats are not allowed.

No obscene, hostile, libelous or offensive language. We understand that this can be somewhat subjective, and ultimately the decision about what language is acceptable and what is not will be a joint decision by our community managers and moderators. A good test is that indecent language used directly AT someone to insult or offend would be considered unacceptable.

Intentionally offensive or shocking content will result in immediate suspension or banning from the community, depending on the severity of the offense. Do not engage in virtual “shouting matches” with other members. If you find yourself involved in a dispute with another user or moderator that reaches the point of insults or offense, please inform the community managers rather than further engaging in the dispute.

If you are a witness to bullying or abuse (against you or anyone else), please report the offending member by tapping Complain (click the three dots in the post header or user’s profile and tap Block or Complain), and then block the offending member by tapping the ‘Block’ button. Contact @mom.life_usa with a copy of the offender’s username.

Please be reserved in which personal details you choose to share with the community. Details such as your full name, address, state you live in, birthdate, phone number, and other intimate details of your life.


We review all complaints thoroughly to determine whether or not they violate our community guidelines. In general, we allow for the occasional one slip of judgment, but a first-violation ban is possible for the most severe offenses. These offenses include threats of violence or terrorism, sexual exploitation, doxxing, and promotion of explicitly illegal content. Lesser offenses (listed below) may result in a temporary account suspension. Following your first warning, a 3 day suspension will occur. Any violations after the 3-day suspension will cause a 30-day suspension. Any violations after a 30-day suspension will cause an immediate and permanent ban from Making additional profiles to circumvent a suspension will result in the banning of your device for the remainder of the suspension. is a women-only community. We ask that your husband/boyfriend/male family member or friend respects this as much as possible. Impersonating a woman as another gender will result in an immediate account ban.

Please don’t cross the line. The following are basic guidelines for user conduct:

  • No identity theft.

  • No repeated threats or bullying.

  • No stealing of photos, and no publication or forwarding of posts and private messages to third parties without permission.

  • No multiple accounts by one user.

  • No illegal activity.

  • No explicit endorsement of political parties, platforms, or positions in public channels. Ex. memes that use a political figure to celebrate motherhood are fine, partisan memes that endorse or deride that same political figure are not.

  • No pornography.

  • We do not generally consider breastfeeding/bath time/beach/etc. photos of babies and toddlers to be unacceptable, but even if a photo is not explicitly against our guidelines, we may ask you to remove it if it has been reported by multiple other users.

  • Any images or content that could be viewed as child pornography will be removed, and the associated account will be banned from and immediately reported to the appropriate authorities. We have a zero tolerance policy for exploitation, and will take action against anyone we feel is involved in this activity.

  • No solicitation or commercial spamming permitted.

  • No public arguing with @mom.life_usa or our team when they are enforcing our guidelines. Any user who has been suspended can appeal their suspension, but this should be done in a private message, or by email:

  • Do not continue to post about a subject after you have already received a warning about it.

  • No promotion or inviting to apps/groups outside of the app.
  • Do not call out other users by tagging or posting screenshots of private chats or posts.

  • No taking or sharing of screenshots without user permission both inside and outside of the app.

  • We reserve the right to ban any user without warning if deems it necessary.

  • Comments will be shut off on posts that are in violation of our community guidelines.

  • No sub-posting. Sub-posting is defined as referencing another person without directly tagging or naming them.
  • Light criticism and suggestions of ways to improve are always welcome (and encouraged!), but threats and attacks against the moderators, community managers, and team are not. We want to do our best for you

Enjoy yourself and meet some new friends!

We reserve the right to remove any posts, comments, or photos that we determine are in violation of our guidelines or are causing a hostile environment in the community.

Posts, comments, and statements posted in our community and chats reflect the views of the user who makes the post and should not be assumed to reflect the views of - or anyone else. The advice and opinions are the responsibility of those members who create the posts. Posts from users may also contain medical information that is controversial or incorrect. Please always consult your doctor or other qualified medical professionals before relying on the information you find in the community and chats. If you are having an emergency of any kind, please call 911 or your doctor right away. Nothing on should be considered professional medical, legal, or financial advice.

Remember, is our big family. Each and every member makes the community what it is, so don’t be afraid to get involved. We’re all committed to making our community the most welcoming, useful and positive place for all expecting and new moms. However, our ultimate success is guaranteed only with your help and support. We take the privacy and social health issues of our community very seriously. We will monitor posts and complaints as best we can, but please understand that we can’t be everywhere at once - and we don’t want to babysit you, because most of us are doing that already ;)

If you have a question, don’t hesitate to ask one of our Moderators.